Five Facts You Need to Know about Human Growth Hormone

Human growth hormones can rewind your body’s internal clock and help you cut down body’s internal fat, build up muscles rapidly, and increase your libido; doing all this by taking energy levels to sky-high. Here are some of the common facts that can help you understand all that you need to know about the human growth hormone.

1. What is human growth hormone?

Your body produces the human growth hormone naturally in the pituitary glands. The hormone, as is evident from its name itself, helps in increasing the density of your bones and mass of body muscles, while helping in cell regeneration and growth. HGH also is helpful for maintenance of all the tissues inside the body, including all the vital organs and the brain.

2. How much HGH can be produced naturally?

In a healthy adult man, every milliliter of circulating blood has less than five nanograms of human growth hormones in it. On the other hand, in the case of a health adult woman, it is twice the quantity for the purpose of child bearing functionality within her body.

3. How can you find out whether you have a deficiency of human growth hormone?

You can ask your physician to conduct a Growth Hormone Test to find out whether your body has a deficiency of the hormone or not. Before conducting the test, you need to fast just the way you do for your annual check-up. In case your body does not produce enough of the hormone, HGH can also be obtained in prescription drugs.

4. Can high doses of growth hormones be dangerous for your body? Do they enlarge your bones and other vital organs?

Many medical professionals have come out with a revelation that the dangers that are associated with growth hormones are often blown out of proportion. There are minimal complications that can be associated with the use of growth hormones. Some people may experience retention of fluids and a rise in their blood sugar level but such cases are extremely rare unless you intake a lot.

5. Association of growth hormones with aging

It is an established fact that growth hormones are highly beneficial for all those kids who have a deficiency. HGH also benefit adults with undetectable or abnormally low natural growth hormone levels. However, the impact of growth hormone on the normal aging adults is a continuous subject of scrutiny by the scientists. It is mostly due to the fact that it has been observed that animals who have a deficiency in growth hormones usually have a long life span while compared to other normal animals. On the other hand, all such animals who have undergone genetic modification for producing extra quantities of growth hormones have shorter life spans.

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