I Met Two Writers, They Changed My Life

I’ve always wanted to be a writer. I know I said that somebody has to pay me so I can write, but then again, how can I write if I don’t get acquainted with the world of writing first? Meaning, I need to meet writers. And that’s what I did. I started spending a lot of time in my local library and last time I was there I just glimpsed at a book that one girl was reading. She actually caught my attention because she was trying to laugh but also hide so nobody would notice. The book was The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. One of my favorites. While I was approaching to take a glimpse, she turned and noticed me. At that moment I had to say hi. But the moment I said hi,   she started laughing even more. We both left the room to go outside and had a burst of proper laughter. It was love at first sight. Another fun fact, her name is also Sarah, just like me.

Sarah is a 24-year-old with nice blond hair, soft skin, wears glasses, and her clothes are made out of comfortable materials. She told me that she doesn’t spend a lot of time in the library because she prefers to read at home. That’s why I probably haven’t noticed her before. She came to the library just to find a passage from the book she really likes. We decided to grab a coffee and get to know each other better. Sarah is an inspiring writer just like me. But contrary to me, she comes from a writer’s family. Her father is a writer and a university professor of comparative literature. After we initially got to know each other, we decided that we should spend more time together, and we became really close really fast. After I explained to her that I want to get familiarized with writers, she invited me to her house to meet her parents.

She lives in an apartment which is owned by the university. The apartment was wide with several rooms and a beautiful working room full of books. Her father was sitting on a yellow chair in the brightest corner of the room. The apartment smelled like fresh-baked breath. Her mother was baking puff french pastry. Her father invited us to his working room, which didn’t have the smell of pastry because he had installed CleanBreathing air purifiers that sucked the scent right out of the room.

After we set down, he started lecturing us on the kind of discipline and dedication we need in order to become good writers. Sarah was a bit bored by his lecture, she obviously hears this every day, but for me, that was something I took to heart. After that meeting, I changed my daily regime. With the regime, my focus changed and now I spend less time worrying about how to become a writer and more time writing. 

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