My Rx for a Better Day

Of course, we all have a secret side that we would only expose to a stranger. It is too personal for family and friends. This blog is very cathartic no matter what is happening. It can be something really mundane. For example, I can have a bad day over something trivial and it really gets to me. Doesn’t that happen to you? You want to bury your head in the sand, cry in your pillow, or scream in the shower. We all have our ways of coping. I have a self-care regime that helps me get over the daily ups and downs, and even the traumas, of life. Most of the time things are good, but then…something hits the fan.

The first thing I recommend is to get some music fast and find the earbuds. I like AX7. After an hour or more, I jump in a hot shower to rinse off the residue of the day. Thank goodness I have a new tankless water heater that supplies what I need for as long as I want. Hot showers are irresistible and you never want to get out. So there is my Rx for a better day: your favorite tunes and a stimulating shower. Now add something good to eat. Some go for a nice glass of wine accompanied by a gourmet plate of cheese and crackers. Others wolf down the sweets when they are really taxed. I like to cook as it is relaxing and distracting. I am too busy looking for the right seasonings to mull over the bad stuff of the day. When people irritate me, I don’t like to remember it when I get home. Try my “recipe” for a true escape and find yourself in a better mood in no time flat.

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